LongAP Light

Important Information

Due to global chip shortages the expected delivery date of LongAP Light is the first half of 2022 (Q1/Q2 2022). This is only an estimate and can change. Pre-orders can not be cancelled!

Can you ship to my countries? Well yes and no. Yes we can ship the device to your country if it isn’t EU/US+Canada/Australia+New Zealand. But you would have to certify it yourself. This is very costly (up to 100 000 EUR). If you think this could be interesting for you please contact sales@longap.com

LongAP Light

LongAP Light is an indoor IoT-hotspot/gateway that allows you to serve different IoT networks including the Helium Network. It’s designed for professional operation with reliable hardware and extensive management support.

LongAP Light fully supports Helium once delivered, including earning for proof-of-coverage (Witnesses, Beacons).

LongAP Light can be connected to the internet via ethernet or WiFi.


LongAP Light will be supported by our management-dashboard that allows for secure and easy installation by using a remote onboarding procedure. The (possibly 3rd-party) installer only has to provide power by connecting the hotspot with a standard network-cable to a standardized power-over-ethernet power-supply. Onboarding and location-assertions will be handled remotely by using the optional GPS localization. The dashboard also allows for configuration and monitoring.


These specifications are preliminary and can change.

Processor 500 MHz processor
Memory 128 MB DDR3 RAM
LAN 1x 100MBit with 802.3af power-over-ethernet support
WiFi 802.11n 2.4 GHz with internal antenna
GPS Optional GPS for easy location assertion with internal antenna
LoRa Concentrator 868 MHz / 915 MHz concentrator for different regions:
EU868, US915, AU915
LoRa Connector RP-SMA Connector
LoRa Antenna 3 dBi 868 / 915 MHz RP-SMA antenna
Power Connection Power-over-ethernet (compatible with 802.3af power-supply) or 12V DC-jack
Housing ABS
Management Secure remote management-dashboard for onboarding, configuration and monitoring.
Certification CE, Planned: FCC, ISED, RCM
Included assertions Includes 1x add-gateway (40 USD) and 1x assert-location (10 USD) credits pre-paid
Included AC power-supply
Warranty 1 year