HeNet B.V. announces Swarm global satellite uplink support for its LongAP Pro gateway

The Netherlands, 23rd January 2023. HeNet B.V. now supports the Swarm global satellite network on its LongAP® Pro LoRa® gateway. Swarm was acquired by SpaceX in 2021 and is a wholly owned subsidiary. The LongAP Pro can use the Swarm network to forward received LoRa packets to applications on the internet. This allows for regular of-the-shelf LoRa sensors to be deployed anywhere around the globe1, especially in remote areas, where this was previously impossible due to the lack of internet-connectivity.

The Swarm pricing scheme (currently starting at 60 USD per gateway, per year2) makes this new connectivity option very cost-effective. Furthermore, the total cost-of-ownership is reduced as only a single satellite modem is required for many sensors. The battery-life of sensors is increased as no direct sensor-to-satellite communication is required and sensor-size can be reduced as only a LoRa antenna is required on sensors.

To support Swarm, the LongAP Pro gateway supports installing the Swarm M138 modem internally in the enclosure of the gateway, connected to a custom, durable, all-weather Swarm antenna mount with integrated ground-plane. No external satellite modem or any other component is required. Of course, the LongAP Pro with Swarm modem can also be combined with the solar-battery power-supply option of the LongAP Pro, to provide true “off-grid” operation. A custom packet-forwarder is used to make sure only relevant LoRa packets are forwarded over the Swarm network.

For more information about the Swarm option of the LongAP Pro contact sales at sales@longap.com

LongAP Pro with Swarm support is also available via our distributor SkyLab B.V., visit www.SkyLab.nl for more information

1 While the LongAP Pro andSwarm satellites technically pass overhead every place on Earth, specific country regulations may prevent operating a LongAP Pro gateway and/or using Swarm connectivity.

2 Price as of 23 January 2023, prices may change in the future.