Off-grid / UPS Solar-Battery Power-Supply


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Off-grid / UPS Solar-Battery Power-Supply

The Off-grid/UPS Solar-Battery Power-over-Ethernet Power-Supply allows operating from AC, Solar and Battery. It can operate in three modes:

  • Off-grid: Operating without a AC power-supply: Connect a solar-panel and a 12V battery
  • UPS: To allow operation with the AC-power drops: Connect AC-power and a 12V battery
  • Solar-UPS: Allows operation from AC-power and solar. Solar will be used when enough sun is available. The AC-power will be used otherwise. In the event the AC-power drops, the power-supply. will continue to operate on battery and solar. 

Important: Power-supplies will be delivered together with LongAP Pro/Light. 

 What you need to supply yourself:

  • Solar Panel (18-55 Voc for the expected temperature range). Size depends on location and installation.
  • Battery (12V AGM/Deep-Cycle recommended).  Size depends on location and installation .
  • Cabling and connectors (To the solar panel and to the battery)
  • Mounting system for the Solar Panel.
  • Enclosure. Please do not use a IP67 enclosure because batteries need to be vented.


These specifications are preliminary and can change.

100-240V AC with IEC 60320 C13 connector
Supports 12V battery, Deep-Cycle/AGM batteries are recommended for durability. Connection via Terminal
1 Gigabit with 802.3at power-over-ethernet support
1 Gigabit
18-55V 10A Solar Connection via Terminal

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