Refund update 29-06-2021 20:00


Q: My order was cancelled, where's my refund?
A: Your refund is already processed by our payment services provider however if can take up to 7 working-days to be returned to your bankaccount. If you haven't received anything by the 9th of July please contact us at, please include your order number, last 4-digits of credit-card or IBAN and paid amount

Q: My order was cancelled and it was below/above the cut-off, do I get an option to order again?
A: At the moment we cannot accept orders again. Once we can accept orders we will send you an e-mail, no need to e-mail us.

Q: I haven't received a cancellation but paid with debit/credit-card, what happend?
A: All debit/credit-card orders are cancelled. Either you will receive a refund, or your payment was never "captured" and the payment will be reverted automatically by your bank within 7 working days.

Q: I paid from a non-EURO account and had to pay fees.
A: Please contact your bank, they should be able to refund those fees for you.

Q: When will the pre-orders for Light and Pro open?
A: We simply don't know if and when the pre-orders start. We need to resolve some issues first.

Update 12-07-2021 12:00

All orders have been shipped or refunded. There are a few very few LongAP One's remaining to ship (<20 pcs) to fulfil any cancelled orders. We will contact you if your order can be full-filled.

Update 29-06-2021 20:00

All fiat refunds have been processed. All crypto-buyers have been contacted to provide refund details. 


Update 25-06-2021 20:00

We have processed all fiat refunds where possible a few (<50) are under investigation by the payment processor and can't be refunded yet as a result, together with the payment processor we will refund those on Monday.

It will take a few days before the refund shows up on your payment account.

We are at 50% of the crypto refunds and will continue tomorrow.

Some payments have been reverted due to fraud concerns. Please don't contact us, we will contact you.

Sorry about the issues caused but the system really let us down. We even have multiple payments that have no corresponding order in Shopify making refunds very hard...

Original message

Sorry, sorry, sorry!

We need to make a big apology. To prevent the same problems as we had during the first sale we switched to Shopify. We configured Shopify to stop accepting orders once we ran out of stock. Something went wrong and we over-sold 10 times. We are now analysing what happened. Sorry for the situation and this unfortunately means we have to disappoint customers.

The payment-processor was triggered due to the large order volume and decided to cancel (credit-card) orders they believe are high risk. We have no influence on this.

We are now discussing with partners how to solve the situation and explain our plan of action in a later announcement. But it will mean that we have to cancel orders. We will 100% refund cancelled orders as soon as possible and contact anyone for which the refund cannot be executed automatically (like cryptocurrencies).

Again sorry, we believe that we did everything right, but failed nevertheless. We will be contacting Helium and DeWi to discuss next steps and as a result won't be opening pre-orders today.